Big Size South Sea Pearl

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Greetings to you and hope all is well

Regarding the pearls that we talk, we think we will work with pearl from 14-16mm for pearl 17mm to 20 mm it is looks hard, difficult since the harvest now is bad season and the price is very high and the stock is limited.

Regarding the pearl you need, since you need to make necklace so the pearl should have same color and same luster, even the color is same white, but white also have many type in pearl, there is white-pink, with-yellow, white-silver and white-white, so we need to select same white and same luster, from kilos of pearl we will select this.

We have contact our team in showroom stock, that we are able to get those pearl size 14-16 maybe some is 17 but very little.

Range price from US$850/pcs for pearl that more than 16mm will more expensive.

Commonly we sell for necklace material from US$25000 – US$35000 depending to size also.

Okay this is the info that I can give you, if you think this quotation is acceptable you can contact us and we will inform you the photo.

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